vision + goals 

for my life at 40.

:: I wake up shortly after the sun rises and start my day with a kiss from my mister, an early morning yoga practice, a big, delicious latte, catching up on what’s happening in the world, the latest blogs and setting up my week. All before the kids wake up, of course. ::

:: I shuttle the littles to school before I start work on my blog and new designs for my latest jewelry collection. By the end of the day, I’ve consulted a few clients, cruised our beachside town on two wheels, taught a yoga class, shared my gratitude with my mister, and enjoyed the cool evening on the front porch with a glass of wine. ::

:: We are bi-coastal, with a light and love-filled home in California, where we spend most of our time in the sunshine and fresh air and in Philly, where it all started. With pit-stops in between for visits to Iowa City, we travel regularly to see family, explore the world and keep us on our toes. ::

:: I live a simple and inspired life that allows for time with family, friends and travel. i choose to surround myself with people who challenge me to be open- minded, free-spirited and honest. ::

:: I am happy, vibrant, luminous and love every minute of my life ::

In 1 year...


+ I travel to visit my family 3 times by June 2015.

+ I take my mister on one date a month by December 2014.


+ i practice or teach yoga 5 days/week by march 2015.


+ i am the east coast visual lead by july 2015.

+ vibrant workshop brings in $1,500/month by july 2015.

In 5 years...


+ we move our family to the west coast by october 2017.

+ we celebrate 5 years of marriage in europe. alone. on august 31st, 2018.


+ i teach our kids to surf by july 2019.

+ i attend one week-long yoga retreat every year by may 2018.


+ I teach 4 classes/week in my home studio by March 2016.

+ I travel 3-4x/year for trunk shows by September 2017.

In 10 years...


+ we renovate our california dream-home by october 2024.

+ i’m 100% debt-free by may 2023.


+ I sweat daily with my husband, my kids or myself by august 2022.


+ i work 3-4 days/week on my creative project consulting on style and design by june 2020.

+ i am a partner in our ultra-hip family friendly restaurant, supporting catering events by october 2024.