pregnancy is a funny (and amazing) thing.  as a yogi, i think i know my body inside and out.  i think i know how i’m supposed to feel, how to use muscles many other people don’t even know exist and i find comfort in ujayyi breathing because i know it will slow my heart rate when i’m feeling frantic.  yet, for the last 3 months, i seem to have lost that connection to my body - all signs pointed to yes, literally every single one, that could have been mistaken for lots of different things (the things i talked myself into), and really, my body was home to another being.

here i am, 14 weeks pregnant and THRILLED to be starting this next chapter with the love of my life, khoran.  we couldn’t be more excited to start a family together (and a big one, at that!) and to take on this journey together.  i know there will be so many things that i will personally go through as my body, emotions, perspective transform over the next 26 weeks (no more, no less…fingers crossed).  there will be things that i’ll go through that khoran will never understand, but i could not be more grateful for such a solid rock.

so, here’s my journey into motherhood.  wish me luck.