tonight, i was talking to my soul sister after her life-changing trip to vancouver, b.c. and one of the things we started talking about was one’s authentic self and being true to that before you can be anything for someone else.

it got me thinking about how being a new mama has really cracked my authentic self wide open; about how all i want to do is share what i’ve learned in the last 3 months; about how being a mama is the most rewarding thing i’ve ever done.

being silas’ mama, while its the best thing in the world, will also be the most challenging thing, too. being the best mama for silas means being my authentic self every minute of every day. it means peeling back all of my ‘tough’ layers and opening up to possibility, to vulnerability, to understanding, to non-judgement. and then when i fuck up, admitting my faults, and growing. easy enough, right? thankfully, i like a good challenge, so bring it on.