today's list

- 20-week appointment yesterday.  b.b. is happy, healthy and BIG, even though i’ve only gained 3 pounds.  b.b. is about 6” long and 12 ounces.  wow!

- i haven’t been practicing yoga as much as i need to, so monday is my day.  a morning home practice if necessary, with a busy week coming up ahead.

- so much to look forward to and so much happening in september.  we showed b.b. iowa - i realized i’m much more emotional than usual and also found out my sister will be joining me in the delivery room.

- an alicantina reunion with some of my bests in my city (welcome to back to philly, rach and emmy!), 4 days with my best friend and soul sister and the loves of our lives in venice next weekend and lots of busy, busy work-related development with my dc crew.  yes, all in the next week.

- everyone is asking, ‘what are you having?’ and all we can say is, ‘we’re having a baby!’  keeping it a secret is tough and announcements will be made soon.

- photos coming soon.