today is one of those deeply humanizing days. the ones in which you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, where the smallest things will bring forth a torrential downpour of emotion, the ones where you feel like a kid and nothing is going your way. today is one of those days.

i know that how i process these days and deal with these days is all about choice and me escaping from the days like today unscathed takes a shift in perspective and how i approach the next step. sometimes, though (just sometimes) i wish i could just be that little kid again, and pout until i got my way or someone put a bandaid over the real issue. sometimes (most of the time) that’s the easier route. and sometimes that route is so much more appealing.

but alas, i choose in every moment to create my future, to create possibility and to trust that all things happen for a reason. that not getting your way sometimes right now means getting your way and more in the long run.

i’ve just always been such an instant gratification kind of girl.

practice makes practice.