things for me...(or that was the intention.)

so, here’s what just happened: (literally, just happened)

i started thinking about how i used to really love to blog about music. i used to listen to a lot of cool new (and yes, hipster) music, having the latest studio session from npr on while i did pretty much everything. npr was my gateway to all good things musically beautiful.

after i thought about how i used to share my musical discoveries here, i decided to post about all of the things i need to do for me. the things that bring a sense of light and inspiration to my world; the things that keep me balanced; the things i love. i opened a new draft (here we are) and started typing.

and then deleting.


the thoughts that crossed my mind went along the lines of not being a good writer, not having anything to say, not wanting to share what i have to say, did i hit the world’s largest writer’s block in history?

i must have.

and now, here i am, paragraphs later, trying to dig a tunnel through whatever it is that’s in my way.

i think i’ll just put my head down and dig a little bit more until i see the other side.

it’s not pretty, but it’ll do for now.