a house is not a home...

we've lived in our place for about 7 months now. we've now lived in our eco-friendly, super-modern, clean-lined rental house for longer than we have left on our lease. 7 months of unique storage options, a wardrobe (and not a built-in closet), radiant-floor heating, a rain-catching water barrel and just the bare necessities for our life.

closets have been cleaned out, clothes donated, furniture sold on craigslist and dressers bought that both of us can live with. the mister built a kick-a** dining table (that's still not finished - more to come on this) and we've hung some art (my favorite being kid art). we've shed layers we haven't needed, which has felt good.

somehow, though, we still have boxes that haven't been unpacked and homes for quite a few things have yet to be found. oh, and did i mention that this 'really cool' space (that my mister was hesitant about to begin with) is a loft? LOFT with a toddler and a husband who loves watching movies and TV well-past midnight?

our house is never perfectly put together. but something i do value is a house that feels comfortable, that's cozy, that's clean, that's beautiful. you know, those photos you see on instagram of peoples' homes that make you envious but you say to yourself 'yeah, right. that NEVER happens in real life.' well, you see, usually, that's what our home is like. it's something i value because it's grounding and gives foundation. you can keep up a house, make it beautifully lived-in and organized even when you have a toddler. it doesn't always have to be a mess.

we have yet to settle in, though. we have yet to create a routine in our home. we have put so many things off, left projects incomplete because this house is not our home.

march will not be here soon enough and we will find a home to settle in. a cozy, perfect-for-us home.

i cannot wait.


all images via pinterest.