(a really late) monday morning//things discovered

L  O  V  E.

there's this book (that i haven't read yet) about the different types of languages there are. the languages we want to speak in our relationships, to feel loved and appreciated and to show love and appreciation. i haven't read said 20-year-old book yet, but i think, by nature, the way to my heart and the way to security, confidence and trust in my relationship is through words of affirmation. 

my mister, on the other hand, speaks through gifts (while i'm still figuring out which language he wants to hear.) i will not complain about his way to communicate. i will, however, brag about the fact that he wrote me a love letter last week...a love letter that has already made my year and it's only february.

 it'll be hard to beat that, but here are a few additions to your vocabulary.

a few things discovered to l  o  v  e:


1. the lbbrand//i am a protector, lover and mother. this is my purpose. 

2. bario-neal//beautiful, locally-made and ethically-sourced x's and o's.

3. date night in (via foodess)//i dream of dinner dates at our beautiful dining room table with my handsome mister and great food sans little. 

4. pick tulip//i like my floral arrangements simple, rustic and beautiful.

5. claire kinder//thin, imperfect, black diamonds in rose gold. could not be more perfect.

6. rms beauty (via glowing)//a new friend just told me about this new line. friends and lip color? perfect collision.

7. birkenstock arizona//a throwback of the best kind.

whatever your love language, speak it loud and clear. make it known.

people can't communicate with you if they don't know how...even when sometimes you communicate via images and links in your blog.