shopping around...

khoran keeps telling me that i need to stop shopping around. he’s convinced that if you find something you like and and want, there’s no need to keep going. i, on the other hand, think you have to keep going because there may be something cheaper, cuter, better…always. no, i’m not frugal or logical in my spending (after plotting at one of my favorite coffee with my closest friend in Philly, we set out to buy iPads,) i think i shop around to try and convince myself that the cheaper one is the better option, even though i can’t stop thinking about the stokke explory stroller or the audi a3.

so most recently i was shopping around for baby names. our list of boy names seems infinite and our girl names, let’s just say there aren’t many. so after pleading with k to “love” the name Rowan (which I love,) I said to him last night something along the lines of (‘well, since you don’t like the name harlow…) and to my surprise…HE LIKES IT! no more shopping around for this girl. two girl names in the bag that i love.

now, try to convince me that i really have LOVED the missoni bugaboo stroller since the moment i first read a blog post in the spring. and it’s cheaper than the stokke. yep, i love it, want it AND it’s cheaper.