normally, i geek out about the holidays. my 7-page christmas list is usually done by the end of october, holiday music starts playing the day after thanksgiving, and gifts are wrapped in either newspaper with colored yarn or kraft paper with ribbon well before the 25th.

for some reason, i’m not there yet. i don’t know if it’s because i’ve got other things to think about and baby bean is the topic of conversation these days. i keep wanting to get him something to put under the tree, but let’s be honest, that would just be silly. and we’ve got plenty of christmases to open bean’s bounty of gifts.

we’re so close to being full-term and all i keep thinking about is getting to a point where i feel adequately prepared for what’s ahead - finish the nursery, pack my hospital bag, write my birth plan, finish up my maternity leave request, etc. so much to do and only a few short weeks left…i know it’ll all get done, even if at the last minute.