this baby is going to be LOVED. the support and love i’ve received from everyone that i’ve chosen to surround myself with is insurmountable. overwhelming, even, but only in the sense that i just don’t want it to stop. pregnancy does something to people…paralyzes them…it truly is a miracle, so the shock, awe and celebration is only natural. but still insurmountable. and so beautiful.

today, i felt my stomach was a little larger, at least in my perspective. I’m going to start taking the ‘stages’ photo, but honestly, i’m still trying to figure out what i should wear. no, not surprising at all, i know, but so important. so, this week,…i hope you’re all anxiously awaiting some photos.

at 14 weeks, the ‘baby’ responds to light, begins to grasp, suck on its thumbs, the head is growing in proportion to its body and so so so much more and i can’t believe that’s all happening inside of my body. i am excited about all of the changes, about a growing belly (and that’s it!), and practicing yoga and seeing how my practice evolves through all of the changes.

so much to look forward to.