live. out. loud.

today, we celebrated a truly remarkable life. as beautifully bittersweet as this day was, i have learned so much since walking into a catholic mass funeral service in camden, nj at 10:45 this morning. for that, i am truly grateful.

in a society where ‘more, more, more!’ typically means more of some THING or THINGS, today, i understood true abundance. in the summer heat of the stained-glass clad church, i felt nothing but love, joy, and abundance because of who dean was and how he chose to live his life.

yes, abundance means having more of something, but what i realized in a packed-house, standing room-only sort of service, was that we need more of the important stuff. more of the things that matter; that enrich and empower us to live. out. loud.

more love. more gratitude. more strength. more vulnerability. more hugs. more real conversations over glasses of wine (or juice.) more sharing. more giving. more empathy. more inspiration. more creativity. more self-expression. more laughter.

more more more ABUNDANCE.

living out loud means not holding back. loving harder and bigger. hugging longer. laughing louder.

so today, thanks to YOU, dean (and your superwoman, nicole,) i am abundance, living life out loud, because, damn it, this life is way too freaking short not to.