in the last six months, there have been at least 15 times that i’ve made a mental note to myself ‘oh, i need to blog about that,’ or ‘i need to share my perspective on this’ or ‘oh sh*t, this week has been amazing/terrible/meh/full.’


and i haven’t done any of the above in what seems like years. i feel like my blogging persona has disintegrated or lost its way along the path, yet i have so much to share and an impact to be made.

i’m starting to realizing that more often than not, i let my wild and crazy life take over, set the cruise control to a higher speed than i’d like and i just sit, take things as they come, maybe roll down the window for some fresh air and snap a photo or two if we hit traffic.

if you know me, i live my life with a whole lot of passion for making a place for people to love their lives, achieve big, hairy, scary audacious goals, love what they do and the impact they have on others. i bleed this passion and it colors so much of what i do and the career i’ve chosen. i do such a great job for other people and not such a great job for myself.

not exactly the most inspiring perspective, but a super real one, nonetheless.

this week, i have some new-found freedom. a bit of a scary, uncomfortable transition, but clearly, a much-needed one as well. this week, i’m looking to create time and space for myself to do the things that light me up…really, i’m just committing to making time for myself, finding a routine that works for us, and maybe even waking up shortly after the sun rises.

the early bird gets the worm, right?

this week is all about me.