'i want to live a simpler life.'

these are the words i woke to this morning from the love of my life.  from the man of my dreams who has piles and piles of t-shirts of every color, sneaker boxes piled chest-high in our bedroom, iphone charger cables to supply an entire basketball team.  the man who wants our son to have crazy-colored plastic toys spilling out of his toy box and in his play pen.  these words sent to me, the woman who gets rid of anything in sight that she doesn’t like or that’s out of place, the woman who cleans out her closet every 3 months (only to make room for new pretty things) so she can clean out her closet again in 3 months, the woman who forces this man to throw away hole-infested t-shirts, underwear, and shoes.  the woman who asked her parents to buy silas a wooden woodpecker walker for christmas.

we are a funny pair, but these words could not have been more beautiful music to my ears.  i yearn to live a simple life.  if i didn’t have to drive the babe to the sitter every day, silas would be in a baby seat on the back of my cream and orange single-speed bike and my and my boys would be cruising the city, seeking adventure, inspiration and sunshine on our days off.  this life is the one that gives me goosebumps, inspires me, lights me up.

i would love to say that everything in our material possession are things that we truly love.  things that will last a lifetime.  that’s the life i want us to create.  simplicity is beautiful.so babe, i’m committed to a simple (and beautiful) 2013 that will last our lifetime.