grat·i·tude   [grat-i-tood, -tyood] noun: the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.

EVERY day i am grateful for:

my breath : never ending love and support : the chance to experience and create a new day : being able to have a child : khoran : and macs, too : my sister : my family - the one that shaped me to be the way i am today, the one i am lucky enough to be a part of now, and the family of friends around the world : the ups and downs of every relationship i have : knowing that i can be thousands of miles from my family and thrive : and for understanding that my family is my foundation and i need them : my yoga practice on and off the mat : a healthy body to grow a healthy baby : the unknown of parenthood : the faith i have in my ability to be a great mother : creativity : strength : confidence : so much joy : learning from my mistakes : for you, in case i haven’t told you recently :

and for my last thanksgiving without children. (next year, i’ll be grateful for having them , just wait.)

and you, what are YOU grateful for?