get ready to HATCH.

so, i’m not one of those women who gets the itch to have a baby all that quickly (at least not with this baby…) but i am the type of woman who admires great style while pregnant and thinks ‘oh, i would totally wear that if i were pregnant.’

i found out about HATCH while i was pregnant, but i was lucky and only bought one maternity piece (a dress i’m regretting.)  and let’s be real, this stuff is not cheap.  it is, however, the style that you could probably rock without telling anyone that it’s maternity because the pieces are just that beautiful.

HATCH currently has a 21-piece collection (which has actually increased since i was pregnant).  all beautiful.  all so worth it.

i’ll even say looking through their collection makes me want to be pregnant again.  it’s that captivating.