be ready now.

when i show up on my yoga mat, fully and wholeheartedly, magic happens.

not the kind of magic that makes people say ‘how do i get into that pose,’ but the kind of magic that carries far beyond the arm balances and the puddles of sweat.

you know, the whole ‘off the mat’ practice.

the things i learn with every breath, the power i uncover with every opening.

don’t get me wrong, i love the sweat and the arm balances and that’s just when my practice begins.

it begins only when i choose to push myself, when i choose to potentially mess up, fall out of a pose; when i just say ‘yes’ and then open myself up to the possibility.

when i choose to be ready now (instead of giving the too tired-don’t-want-to-fail-am-comfortable-where-i-am excuse,) when i say yes to what’s right in front of me, i start to discover the magic; discover what’s possible through my physical practice and what i take off of my mat.

i am ready now. i am a yes and choose all that comes along with it.