aspiring mama...

my friend molly has always been an inspiration to me.  she’s young, but has experienced so much more than you’d even imagine in her short 25 years, which has given her passion, drive, joy, sadness and an unbelievable amount of just plain beautiful energy.  she recently had a baby (almost exactly one year ahead of my due date in january,) and has so many words of wisdom for a young mama.  her blog was a source of inspiration to me BEFORE i was pregnant, so you can only imagine that i anxiously await each of her posts (hint hint, mol.)

today’s post, while not all that glamorous (and even exhausting to read), makes me look forward to being a mom.  i think it’s just a reminder that through any and everything, you can’t lose sight of who you are, even if you would give your life for another being.

so thanks, molly, for those reminders…i’ll need them in a year.