ambitious creativity.

today was intended to be a day for creativity…for blog-posting, for resolutions (i prefer the term ‘intentions’ - thank you dilemma,) for jewelry-making, for nail-painting, for final touches in the nursery and for taking care of all of the last-minute things that still need to get done before bean’s highly anticipated arrival.

i’m just now getting to painting my nails…the first and only thing i’ve set forth to tackle today.  i’m being pretty ambitious, obviously.  the good thing in having such great intentions for my day is that i’m slowing uncovering what i want to create out of this next beautiful chapter of my life.

i always say i’m my best self when i’m constantly creating; seeking out beautiful, new inspiration; practicing yoga to uncover so many things that would be left untouched; connecting with other creative souls; and being in close relationship with those that inspire that within me.  i have to be my best self for our family (for myself, for khoran and for our little man,) and so this is what i will create for my new chapter.  a strong and sturdy commitment to creativity and living my best life.  don’t worry.  i commit to this every day and always have, but what i’m starting to realize is that committing to it actually means waking up every day and only doing the things that get me there…not the ones that lead me astray.

so 9 days into 2012, i’m unraveling what my intentions will be.  stay tuned.