a student to mamahood

a few things i’ve learned:

[1] i do everything (well, most things) with one hand.  i haven’t wanted to put this new little babe down and when a baby carrier isn’t around, all you’ve got are your hands, so what do i do?  send emails, text and look for apartments one-handed.

[2] i celebrate taking a 5,6,7-minute shower.  yep, that’s an accomplishment with a newborn.  silas is 7 weeks old now and he’s a wonderful baby, but he needs and wants my attention and i give it to him if he asks.  even though we have the amazing mamaROO bouncer and a pack ‘n play, he hasn’t found comfort in either for much longer than 10 minutes.

[3] a low-maintenance ‘do is a must.  seriously, a mom haircut is great, as long as you can make it cool.  there are days when i don’t get to shower because i need my sleep, silas needs to be fed, diaper changed and then by the time we have to leave, all i can do is run the blush brush over my cheeks and slip on some mascara.  luckily, my hair looks better the more i sleep on it!

[4] get insta-dri nail polish.  it’s that time thing again.  you have very little, so unless you like having smudged nail polish, insta-dri is the way to go.

[5] hear the advice, but i don’t always listen to it.  everyone will have something to say, especially your mother (and sisters who are like your mother…i love you, sister.)  the thing i have to remember is that it worked for them and it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for me.

[6] i don’t always know what to do, but i can usually figure it out.  it’s all about trial and error and trusting your instincts.

[7] i tell him i love him every single day.  i didn’t start telling my parents i loved them until i left for college.  they always knew i loved them and i always knew they loved me, but i’m going to teach him how important this is.