a moment to breathe. i’m not sure why, but I feel like I’ve been going non-stop…this is the first day off i’ve had in weeks that isn’t packed with to-do’s or travel or what have you.

silas and i are at my favorite coffee shop, chapterhouse, and i so wish i didn’t have to drive here. the perfect sunday would include a walk to chapterhouse and a stroll with the family around this cute little neighborhood. i’ve been thinking a lot about what my ideal days look like and how i can start to create them. i’ve had the rough draft of my vision and goals sitting on my desktop for a few months now; i have an INSPIRE interview to write for my best friend’s blog, i have jewelry to make for a friend (sorry, carolyn) and more to make for a friend’s wedding and what i’m realizing is that right now, i feel a lack of the things i love; the things that give me juice and fuel my fire.

what i need more of:

- carving out more TIME to do the things I that light me up
- mornings spent in my favorite coffee shop, macbook in front of me, cruising my favorites
- fresh ocean air
- sweaty yoga, juicy yoga, beautiful yoga. every day.
- nights with a glass of wine in-hand and my best friend at my side
- walks around our sweet little neighborhood with our sweet little family
- blogging: writing, reading, designing and adoring
- photos…of anything and everything
- afternoons with a messy desk full of stones, sterling silver, wire cutters and pliers
- NPR and music…specifically, world cafe live.
- wood floors! please, can we have wood floors soon?!?
- date night…once a month. just me and him. to talk about our amazing life, our sweet little baby boy, and other big kid things. and i’ll even get dressed up. heels (wedges, preferably) and all.
- and wedding planning. lastly, wedding planning because i need to see a ring on my dude’s finger and have OUR day before a few of the things are going to happen.

so, now it’s time to create that here in philly until i’m where all of this is truly possible.