t w e n t y e i g h t e e n

t w e n t y e i g h t e e n |

i was telling my bff a couple of weeks ago that i needed some time to get my bearings this year. that i felt like 2018 was hurled at me, even though i was ready for 2017 to be over. the last year brought tons of change, something that i love + crave, but a lot of the change was hard. it made me uncomfortable, made me cling to the vision of what i wanted, what i needed to thrive, yet it pushed me further and further away from that life.

i don't have a routine. i don't have rituals. i've never felt the need for them. so, here i am, 3 days into the second month of the year, reigniting something that i've been thinking about since i last wrote, but not realizing it was something that i actually needed until about 20 minutes ago.

33 days into 2018, i'm starting to feel grounded, clear and ready for the next 332 days of this year.

here i go.