it seems that these kinds of posts come more frequently than i'd like - the ones where i apologize (mostly to myself) about not writing more frequently, about not giving myself the time to sit down and do what lights me up, about doing this or that before something else. honestly, it's because they do happen pretty frequently; this time, i don't feel so guilty. or at least i'm not going to dwell on it.

it is what it is.

yes, it has been a while since i last sat down with the intention of reflection. that's what my writing is, after all - a chance for me to connect to and reflect on all of life's happenings, the pretty things i see, the times i forget to pay attention to myself and let life take control., anything and everything i'm loving at the moment.

i guess that's what i've been doing for the last few months.

that, and daydreaming.

  • i celebrated my 30th birthday in a few of the best ways possible:
    • a night on the town in nyc with some of my closest friends.
    • a romantic dinner (sans little one!) at arguably one of the best restaurants in nyc with my handsome mister.
    • brunch at our favorite lower east side restaurant with one of my best friends and her lovely (and bonkosi-approved) suitor.
  • i've lost track of my yoga mat. and i mean this in the philosophical sense. [and have since found it again, thanks to this guy.]
  • i've forgotten which programs i use to blog. no, really.
  • i've talked to my best friend every week. it's felt good to just pick up the phone.
  • i've thought about a new yoga teacher training, reading books, writing and learning something new.
  • i got pregnant.
  • i started a baby registry.
  • we spent a few quiet days at the beach on the outer banks.
  • i've dreamt of traveling, long distances, short ones, different countries, back home, my mister and rambunctious toddler right by my side. i've dreamt of this daily.
  • i've thought about selling most of our belongings to live a more simple life...and afford ourselves the ability to travel to destinations near and far.

mostly, though, i've been living, breathing it all in.