monday's must-haves: in my bag.

think you can't look into someone else's bag? here's full permission to take a peek into mine.

this to organize my week and plan my life, with notes and stickers, of course!

this, obviously, but cracked, missing chunks of glass and without a much-needed (and even more-hated) case.

this for some serious soul-searching and feeling-finding.

these to block the rays. (and thanks to my in-laws.)

this to keep the keys in-check.

one of these for jotting down notes.

this to jot said notes down because i'm very particular about notes.

this to add some color to my day. and this for a night-time or fall-friendly switch. and this for always.

this or this so i don't lose my marbles trying to find my phone, keys or everything, really.

sometimes something like this. or this.

and this beautiful {{& functional}} piece to put it all in.