this post doesn't need a title.

we went to see the christmas tree lighting tonight at city hall.

i didn't think.

i didn't think about the protests that haven't stopped around the country since last week's news. i didn't think to read the news today. i didn't think about the injustice that we are becoming so numb to, so numb that so many have just started to accept it.

i didn't think about that.

we just wanted to take the little one to see the christmas tree lighting. we just wanted to show our little one the joy that this season brings us (me, in particular.) we wanted to carry on with our day-to-day. but to carry on with our day-to-day means that we run into people taking a stand.

i didn't think i would be overcome with the energy of the protest that took over the lighting ceremony. that just going to city hall to show the little one the beauty of the giant christmas tree covered in beautiful lights in the middle of city hall would actually get me thinking about the world in which we exist today. i just didn't think.

i didn't think that deleting facebook from my phone this morning would keep me so far away from what was happening today. i didn't think that i relied so heavily on social media to get my news. i didn't think i'd miss the news about the injustice served once again in staten island.

yet again, i didn't think i'd get used to this news.