just one of my many hang-ups...

we've been back for a little over a week and in that time, i've thought about writing every night. i'm not short on ideas, lists or pictures to share and cleverly caption. i am sort of bursting at the seams with all of that.

i'm really just hung up on timing.

is it relevant? does it need to be more thought-provoking? i should wait, then. another list? no, we just got back from our london honeymoon. post pictures, really beautiful pictures. no. it's been over a week. i can't post pictures now.

i'm a stickler for relevance.  not in the sense that i need to be relevant but that there's an order in how i share my world. if too many days go by, forget about it. no photos from our trip, no lists or thoughts on the american dream of excess and the beauty in living with european simplicity, nothing about how we fell in love with london (for the first time) and each other all over again. mere days have passed and it's now become irrelevant. our whirlwind of a trip, all of its beauty, adventure, love. 

so, today, i'm saying 'screw your constraints on relevance. people are waiting to see the world through your eyes!'