13 flashes of 2013

{13} celebrating one year of love, laughs and tears…oh, and surviving a year of parenthood! - silas’ 1st birthday.

{12} the birth of my sister’s beautiful and (unexpectedly super) healthy little girl.

{11} witnessing my best friend’s commitment to the love of her life and celebrating with those nearest and dearest to them.  meeting new friends and hugging old ones.

{10} deciding to plan an august wedding in may.  not as stressful as it sounds.

{9} a ridiculously lavish and perfect two-night work escape to northern virginia, with all of the store managers along the east coast and the car ride with two very wise, beautiful women.

{8} connection to my long-lost, forever friend, cassidy and celebrating so much joy for her and her family through her healthy pregnancy.

{7} the close-to-perfect bachelorette party with the best of friends in my old stomping grounds.  (best friend and sister missing.)

{6} a friend who shared that i am my best and most inspired when i’m creating.  thank you, c.

{5} an email that asked ‘would you consider moving to vancouver?’ that started a beautiful dialogue of possibility and big, hairy, audacious goals.

{4} online wedding gown shopping…pressing ‘submit order’ and hoping that the dress fit…and it did, perfectly!

{3} the week of our wedding and everything about it…from having my brother as our officiant to having our closest friends and family from all walks of our lives celebrating with us was so unbelievably special.  and having my family here was magical…really, truly out of this world.  thank you.

{2} being able to celebrate our big day with my 97-year-old grandmother (i think she might be older than this) who drove across the country from iowa with my parents.  time with my namesake is sacred, regardless of the verbal language barriers.  there’s a connection that’s unlike any other.

{1} marrying the love of my life…honestly, the best moment ever.

you’ve been good to me, 2013.  i can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.

happy new year, ladies and gents.